Day #4 in Pictures
8-11 June 2024

The fourth and last day started at Beitostølen and finsihed at Gardermoen. We drove down through eastern Valdres valley, southwards through Aurdal and over Tonsåsen down to Bruflat where we visited Ernst Wagner. Then through Etnedal valley to Randsfjord. We continued through Brandbu to the Sister Churches at Hadeland where we enjoyed our lunch at the old inn Granavollen. The last leg went via Roa on the old Hadeland road, through Maura to Nordmokorset, before we finish at the Aircraft Collection at Gardermoen. 
Photos by Peter Sederholm.

We had to withhold the riders at the coffee-stop at Old Bikers Farm in Etnedal to give route-master Dag a head start in order to survey the route and mark any deviations if required.
Peter Melchert rides in sunshine on day 4 of Trondhjemsridtet on his 1939 NSU 600cc OHV model 601.
Rune Frøvik Hansen enjoy dry tarmac on 1939 H-D model W 750cc SV.
Gerrit Miedema lets his 1926 H-D 1000cc IOE model J (battery ignition and electric lighting) loose on dry Valdres roads. Gerrit has fitted a 1928 model front drum brake to cope with modern traffic.
Gerrit's son Durk Miedma follows his father on a 1939 H-D model W 750cc SV.
Heinrich and Ilse Rohrwick enjoy the sun on their 1930 Nimbus 750cc OHC combo. Beautiful Volbu in the background.
Timo Rohrwick on his 1928 H-D model JD 1200cc IOE in Valdes valley.
Friedrich Knudsen pilots his 1942 Albin Monark 500cc OHV down Valdres valley.
Roald and Anne-Karin Wahl Pedersen in their blue 1932 Morgan Aero cyclecar.
Doug Wothke on his 1937 Rudge Ulster 500cc radial 4-valve which he bought on Ireland and rode to Norway though the UK and via the continent up to Gardermoen.
Torfinn Jæger on Kim Jarre's 1937 H-D model E 1000cc "knucklehead". The bike has done Trondhjemsridtet 5 times, twice by Kim (2012 and 2014), once by Torfinn's brother Per (2016), by Kim again in 2023 (test run for this years rally) and now by Torfinn.
Erik Gundersen piloting a 1934 BSA W34 Blue Star 500cc OHV.
Ulf Sandberg on his 1949 Norton model 18 500cc OHV.
Thomas Stang on his 1937 H-D model U 1200cc SV. He had some electrical problems. Kim Jarre sold him the bike 42 years ago so he took responsibility and offered Thomas a full refund of the 1982 purchase price against return of the bike! 😂 He refused though.
Stephan Kellerman riding his 1940 BMW R71 750cc SV. The lake in the background mirroring the hillside and farm houses is the Volbu fjord.
Peder Jensen riding along the Volbu fjord on his 1941 BSA M20 500cc SV.
Paul Hotvedt on his 1931 H-D model D 750cc. The dynamo is vertically mounted visible in front of Pauls boot. This arrangement earned the model the nick-name "Three-cylinder Harley".
Klaus Kjeldgaard on his 1939 Nimbus model C 750cc OHC four, the eternal danish "Bumble-bee". A machine that appears to be indestructible!
Four sidecar combos riding south towards Gardermoen and the finish line.
Søren Ole Sejersen at the handlebars of his 1936 Nimbus four military combo. is that a machine-gun support on the sidecar Søren?
Dag Martin Moen troubleshoots his 1941 H-D FL 1200cc "knucklehead".
From left Günter Brandt on 1944 and then Holger Christian on 1937 Nimbus 750cc "Bumblebees". To the right
The roar of all these running engines was quite enchanting! The riders are eager to advance south.
For lunch at Granavolden we had locally produced bratwurst with home made potato mash and steamed root vegetables "al dente". For dessert rhubarb cake and coffee. Very tasty!
Eskil Broen (BSA 1944) lived close to Granavold so we handed over his participants badge on the spot.