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TRONDHJEMSRIDTET 1919 100 years  8.-11. June 2019

The organizing committee of «Trondhjemsridtet 1919» has the pleasure of inviting you to the jubilee rally  «Trondhjem­sridtet 1919» which takes place 100 years after the original rally organized by Norsk Motorcycle-Klub in August 1919. The international jubi­lee rally goes from Oslo to Trondheim and back. The rally route is ca. 1200 km (745 miles) for 4 days, a demanding touring rally with navigation helped by a road-book with supporting maps.  The rally is open for motorcycles manufactured until 31. Dec. 1945 (FIVA class D / Post Vintage) and is run according to the FIVA rules for “National Events”. The motorcycles should be in original condition or restored to original specifications.  The jubilee rally will have a capacity of approximately 100 participants.  The deadline for registration is 1. December 2018. As we anticipate a wide international interest in the rally, it may be necessary for the organizing committee «Trondhjems-ridtet 1919» to make a selection of participating motorcycles. Trondhjemsridtet celebrates 100 years in 2019 - this is a Norwegian motor historical event you shouldn’t miss. «Trondhjemsridtet 1919» is “living culture” at its best.

Historical and demanding roads

Trondhjemsridtet was arranged for the first time 100 years ago by Norsk Motorcycle-Klub (later Norsk Motor Klub), and Norsk Motor Klubb is today the main sponsor of the rally, as in 2016 when NMK celebrated 100 years since its foundation. The original 1919 rally gave their participants a tough challenge as the rally was long and roads frequently very bad. The jubilee rally will follow similar historic and varied roads, many of them with a gravel surface.  Sections of the route may be demanding both for riders and motorcycles, so we recommend participants to be well prepared and in good physical shape. Parts of the route will be on scenic mountain roads, and the possibility of rain and cold weather will require a good riding outfit. The daily trips are long, but since the riders coped 100 years ago we should also cope 100 years later!

An extensive service team will follow the rally and offer aid to riders in need of assistance. See to that you have a comprehensive insurance for your motorcycle and riders covering rescue and transport home. The committee will organize transport of personal luggage each day of the rally.

The rally consists of 4 sections/legs - the first starting at Morten’s Kro at Gjelleråsen north of Oslo, Saturday 8. June (Pentecost Eve).  The first section is approx. 250 km (155 miles) and ends in Trysil.  The next day (Whit Sunday) we cover 350 km (217 miles) from Trysil to Trondheim. Monday morning we ride the next 350 km (217 miles) from Trondheim to Gålå, in the mountains, and the last day we ride via the newly opened national road-museum at Hunderfossen before we finish the rally on Tuesday afternoon. Since some mountain roads still may be closed after winter there will be alternative routes. Alternative routes will be published in the road-book, and information about alternative routes will be announced on the previous day.

Day 1, Saturday 8. June (Pentecost Eve)

You will have to meet not later than 10:00 AM at Morten’s Kro for check-in and inspection of entered mount. Participants showing up with a different motorcycle than was originally entered will have to obtain approval of the change before start. The committee can reject both rider and mount before start, or during each of the 4 legs if the organizers requirements or FIVA rules aren’t adhered to.

From start the route goes north to Eidsvoll and continues to Sand in Odalen where lunch is served. Then the route follows the road Solør-Odal to Trysil. We make a stop in Trysil centre for compulsory re-fuelling before we check in to Radisson Blu Resort in Trysil. We park in an enclosed common garage.

Day 2, Sunday 9. June (Whit Sunday and National Motoring day in Norway)

First start @ 07:00 AM. We ride northwards along idyllic forest roads to Johnsgård in Sørnådalen valley for a coffee break, and another compulsory re-fuelling. At Johnsgård there will be established a PETROL DEPOT, just as in 1919, to ensure that no one runs out of fuel during the next leg through Tufsingdalen valley and the road through Grådalen. We lunch at Røros Hotel before riding through the historic mining area Olavsgruva to Glåmos. Then, adhering to tradition, we stop for classic Danish pastries at Støren bakery before we drive the narrow and exciting road along the railway line and river to Hovin and Lundamo. The last leg is straight ahead to Quality Hotel Panorama at Tiller just outside Trondheim, and we are halfway through the rally!

Day 3, Monday 10. June

First start @ 07:00 AM. The route leads down to Bergmannskroa (the Miners’ tavern) at Løkken Verk for a coffee break.  Then we continue southwards by the Pilgrim-road over the mountain to Oppdal for necessary re-fuelling. Then we have lunch at the national romantic Dovregubbens hall at Dovre. The route continues along Slådalsvegen between Lesja and Vågå, and ends at Wadahl mountain hotel at Gålå for our farewell dinner.

Day 4, Tuesday 11. June

First start @ 08:00 AM.  We ride on the scenic Peer Gynt road over the mountain, for a coffee break at the recently opened national motoring museum: Norsk Vegmuseum, Hunderfossen. Then we follow the road via Gjøvik and Lena for a lunch at Toten Gjestgiver,i before arriving at our final destination, Morten’s Kro, at approximately 4:00 PM.

Practical information

Parking of attending cars and trailers can be made adjacent to the starting area at Morten’s Kro, but we cannot guarantee space for everybody. For those who need overnight accommodation before the rally we recommend to book at one of the adjacent hotels to Morten’s Kro:

  • Quality Hotel Olavsgaard, Hvamstubben 11, 2013 Skjetten. Use reference «GR002464 Trondhjemsridtet» when booking. Web / Phone (+47) 63847700
  • Moxy Hotel Oslo X, Kragerudveien 50, 2013 Skjetten. The hotel has made a reservation link; «Book your group rate for Trondhjemsridtet 1919» which offers a discount when booking within 6 weeks before the rally start. Those staying in hotels before the rally are recommended to let their car and trailer remain parked at the hotel during the event.

Participant fee

The rally fee includes accommodation in very good hotels for 3 nights, and participants can choose between lodging in double rooms or in single rooms (at an additional rate). The organizing committee emphasizes quality and the serving of local Norwegian food.  The fee covers altogether 7 coffee breaks, 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners. Each evening we will have dinner together in the hotel with ample possibilities for socializing.  Dinners will be served with water/coffee/tea; other beverages are extra, and must be paid for individually. At the farewell dinner at Gålå on day 3, a complimentary aperitif is offered before dinner. After the farewell dinner prizes will be awarded to participants who have excelled positively during the rally. Everyone who completes the rally is awarded the rally’s centenary jubilee plaque.

During the rally a Service team of 10 persons will be working to enable the participants to complete the rally in the best possible way. All road tolls are pre-paid, and fuel at the PETROL DEPOT at Johnsgård (limited to 8 liters) are included in the participation fee. The price for participation including meals as specified and accommodation in double room is NOK 6.950 per person. Additional fee for accommodation in single room is NOK 1.300. Members of the organization «Trondhjemsridtet 1919» are granted a discount of NOK 100.

Registration for entry  

Your register for participation on the web-page Under menus for the 2019 rally you will find the Entry form and the rally Regulations. Download both documents, read the Regulations for Trondhjemsridtet 1919 carefully before you fill in the Entry form and submit this as e-mail attachment to

The deadline for registration is 1. December 2018.

After 1. January 2019 you will receive confirmation whether your entry is accepted or not, and if you are, you will receive information about payment. The deadline for payment of the participation fee is before 15. February 2019.

NB! Read carefully the Regulations for Trondhjemsridtet 1919 before you pay.

NB! By paying you have automatically accepted the regulations for participation! The Roadbook and supporting maps will be published on during May 2019. The participants must download these documents themselves. Programme and final list of participants will be distributed at the start.

Rolf Barry-Berg has been elected Clerk of the course (rally manager) and is responsible for the implementation of the 2019 rally regulations and program. All the  members of the «Trondhjemsridtet 1919» team wish you a warm welcome to the centenary jubilee rally of Trondhjemdsridtet 1919, 8.–11. June 2019.


Bjørn A. Hvaleby

+ 47 969 02 361

Trondhjemsridtet 1919

Clerk of the course:

Rolf Barry-Berg

+47 913 61 616


Bent Granberg

+47 913 75 870

Chairman of the board:

Arne Bjørn Hoel

+47 917 83 647


Kim Jarre

+ 47 930 71 450

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