Invitation to the 2022-rally


The organization "Trondhjemsridtet 1919" has the pleasure of inviting to the international vintage motorcycle rally Trondhjemsridtet 1919. The historic rallies in the years 1919-1924 went from Oslo to Trondheim and back to Oslo. In 2021 the rally goes "clockwise" differing from the rallies held 2012-2019 where we rode "counterclockwise". Thus this year we take a westerly route northbound and an easterly route southbound.

The race is open to participants with motorcycles manufactured until 31.12.1945 - FIVA class D and Post Vintage - and follows FIVA's regulations for a "National Event". The rally is a touring run where the participants use a "roadbook" and maps to ride the correct route and there is no element of competition in the rally. The challenge is to follow the route and reach the finish line every afternoon.


Current documents
Reference is made to the "Regulations of the Event" for detailed provisions regarding implementation and responsibilities etc. This can be downloaded together with the Entry form and other information - see respective tabs on the sidemanu if this page.

The route and roads for the 2022 rally
The route in 2022 will be approx. 1,100 km long and runs on varying and historic roads which mainly with regard to terrain and standard are close to the roads used during Trondhjemsridtet 1919-1924. The route is different from previous rallies, and runs on roads we expect tempts to real old-fashioned motorcycle riding. The roads are of varying standard and can in places be quite demanding in terms of surface etc. In some cases alternative routes may be suggested for various reasons, such as closed mountain passes. The individual rider navigates according to a detailed "roadbook" and a set of maps, both which will be available on our website well in advance of the rally.

Service team and luggage transport
A service team will follow the race in order to provide limited assistance to participants who have technical problems. Transport of personal luggage will also be offered. More about this in the “Regulations of the Event”.

The rally is long and demanding and requires that your mount must be in technically good condition.

The bikes must be in original condition or restored to their original design. When registering, the machine will be assessed with regard to this. Before the start there will be a simple check where the race's technical committee can reject vehicles from participating in the rally due to lack of safety or assumed ability to complete. Participants who wish to start with a motorcycle other than the one they have registered with must have received prior approval for switching to another bike, cf. Regulations of the Event.

The course runs partly on demanding roads, and in bad weather it can be a physically demanding challenge to complete the day’s distance. The longest daily distance is approx. 350 km. We assume that riders are physically fit for completion - even in bad and cold weather. Adequate riding equipment must therefore be carried on your bike.



Start and finish will this time be at Gardermoen north of Oslo, and parking of accompanying cars and trailers will be arranged as far as space allows at the start / finish area. There are also many large commercial parking spaces in the area due to the nearby airport.

For those who need accommodation in connection with participation in the rally we recommend “Park Inn by Radisson, Oslo Airport Hotel West” in Museumsveien 26 at Gardermoen west immediately near the Start / Finish area. (The Armed Forces Aircraft Collection is just across the road). Links to online ordering will be posted on this website.

We recommend that you book a room at this hotel as soon as possible as Trondhjemsridtet has only negotiated prices and reservations - but we don’t guarantee for any rooms. There are also 3 other hotels (Scandic, Clarion and Comfort) within a distance of 800m or shorter.

Start at Saturday 4. June 2022 outside Park Inn Hotel at Musemsvegen 26. Show-up no later than 08:00 for simple technical approval and check-in to the rally. Start from 09:00. See separate instructions for starting procedure (to be published later).

The route on day one goes north via Minnesund with coffee break and a bun at Espa. Then via Hamar and Lillehammer for lunch at Hafjell Hotel and further up Gudbrandsdalen valley before the finishing at Dombås Hotel where there we have dinner and stay the night.

Start from Dombås on Sunday 5. June at 08:00. The route goes via Oppdal (coffee) to lunch at Berkåk. After lunch we ride via Tynset and Tolga (coffee) before arriving at Røros Hotel to have dinner and stay the night.

After breakfast we have a guided tour (included in the participant fee) in the mountain town of Røros which is one of the cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lunch at Kaffestuggu in Røros. First start is at 13:00 Monday 6. June from the hotel. We ride via Tolga and Øversjødalen valley for a coffee break at Johnsgård. Then via Drevsjø lake to Radisson Blu Resort in Trysil where we enjoy the farewell dinner and spend the night.


First start is at 08:00 on Tuesday 7. June. We ride through Sørskogbygda and take a coffe break on Vålerbanen Racing Circuit in Solør. Then we proceed to Sand in Odalen valley for lunch, before we continue to the finish line at Park Inn Hotel in Musemsveien at Gardermoen around 16:00 hrs.

The participant fee includes all coffee breaks, breakfasts (3), lunches (4) and dinners (3), while drinks (except water / coffee / tea) will be paid for by the individual. Every night there is a joint dinner and social gathering. In addition, road tolls and other road-fees are included; as well as a guided tour of Røros. There will be accommodation in good hotels, and emphasis is placed on serving local Norwegian foods. Everyone who has completed the rally will receive an enameled badge.

The price for participation and accommodation in a double room is NOK 6.950,- per person, or NOK 8.250,- for participation and accommodation in a single room.

Sign up within 10. January 2022 at (this site). Click on the tabs on the left side of the page where detailed Regulations of the Event and the Entry form can be found. Download the Entry form, fill it out and send it by e-mail to Within 20. January 2022 you will receive confirmation whether your entry is accepted or not, and receive information about payment.

Feel free to contact any one of us in the committee for "Trondhjemsridtet 1919" if you have questions. Payment for participation must be paid by 1. March 2022.

NB: By paying the participation fee you have per default accepted The Declaration cited in the Regulations of the Event.

The organizing committee warmly welcomes you to "Trondhjemsridtet 1919" being held 4.-7. June 2022.

Chairman/Clerk of the course   Economy/Finance                              Media contact

Kjell Bjarne Orset                   Bjørn A. Hvaleby                               Kim Jarre                

 (+47) 970 65 169                    (+47) 969 02 361                                 (+47) 930 71 450


Routemaster                            Serviceteam                                       Entry registration

Dag Øby                                  Arne Aarum                                        Bent Granberg                   

(+47) 452 92 300                      (+47) 917 39 307                                  (+47) 913 75 870         


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Det ska vi nog fixa. Skicka mig ett mail på Mvh Kim

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