Trondhjemsridtet 1919 er en forening som arrangerer veteran-motorsykkelløpet ved samme navn hvert 2. år. Det er inspirert av landeveisløpet "Trondhjemsridtet" som ble kjørt årlig mellom 1919 og 1924. Løpet er for de eldste veteran-motorsyklene og går over fire dager.
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Trondhjemsridtet 1919 is an association that organises the veteran motorcycle rally of the same name every 2 years. It is inspired by the  road-race "Trondhjemsridtet" that was held every year between 1919 and 1924.  This rally is for our oldest motorcycles and runs over four days.


See Trondhjemsridtet of 2024 in pictures, press/trykk: 

Fra starten av det første Trondhjemsridtet i 1919. Start/Mål var på Festningsplassen i Kristiania som Oslo het da.

From the start of the first Trondhjemsridtet in 1919. Start/Finish was on the marching square at Akershus fortress.

Heinrich and Ilse Rohrwick ready for start on their 1939 Nimbus combo. Weather protection was in order.
Doug Wothke from USA included Trondhjemsridtet on a European tour, on his 1937 Rudge "Ulster" 500cc.
Knut Lindstad prepares his 1922 Harley-Davidson 1000cc model J before start.
Ton van Es and his beautiful 1934 Harley-Davidson VL in "Orlando Orange and Black"- a one year only color combination. Behind is Edwin Keijzer and his Harley-Davidson 1200cc model FL "knucklehead".
Svante and Åsa Wallin behind their 1937 Nimbus combo, preparing for start.
Outside the the Aircraft Museum (Flymuseet) next to Gardermoen Airport before start.
Knut Lindstad on his 1922 Harley-Davidson 1000cc model J in "Brewster Green".
Håvard and Anita Hegg handled the luggage and the check-ins during the entire event.
Half of the Serviceteam after start on Saturday. (The other six were on their way towards Dombås already). From left: Arne, Kim, Edel, Frank, Olav and Peter.
Peter Melchert on his 1939 NSU riding up Gudbrandsdalen on Saturday.
Einar Inge Haugsnes rode a 1920 Indian Powerplus 1000cc.
Johnny Henden on his 1942 Zündapp KS 750 combo.
Rune Frøvik Hansen rode a 1939 Harley-Davidson model W 750cc.
Heinrich and Ilse Rohrwick and their trusty 1939 Nimbus 750cc model C combo.
Peter Peschken on his intrepid 1927 Puch 220cc two-stroke, the smallest bike participating. Peter has ridden the Puch on a number of Trondhjemsridt and he never gives up!
Ralf Thorvald on his 1937 Harley-Davidson mod. UL 1200cc sidevalve. The first part of the Saturday was rainy but did't stop the seasoned riders.
Rikard Bengtsson on his 1936 Husqvarna 500cc sidevalve whcih has a beautiful muffler in cast auminium.
Paul Hotvedt on his 1931 "three cylinder" Harley-Davidson 750 sidevalve.
Jens Kristian Haaning Andersen on his 1943 Nimbus 4-cylinder 750cc.
Durk Miedema on a 1939 Harley-Davidson 750cc sidevalve.
Jörn Winter on his 1941 Indian Chief.
Erik Petersen with his 1942 Zündapp 750 combo
Roald H. and Anne-Karin W. Pedersen participated in their 1932 Morgan "Aero" - the only participating cyclecar.
Bjørn Ove Husøy on his Nimbus series C 750cc straight 4 "Bumblebee".
Ulf Torry Sandberg rides over the mountains on his 1949 Norton 500cc model 18.
Start no. 1 Gunnar Hop on his 1916 Harley-Davidson model F 1000cc. This bike could have participated in the first Trondhjemsridt in 1919!
Start no. 2 Sverre Dreng Hop rides a 1944 Ariel W/NG 350cc, together with his father (start no. 1).
Friederich Knudsen passing through beautiful Grimsdalen on his 1942 Albin Monark 500cc army-model.
Timo Rohrwick riding his 1928 Harley-Davidson model JD 1200cc on the gravelroad through Grimsdalen.
Father an son riding through Grimsdalen. Peter Peschken on 1928 Puch and support rider and son Carl Fredrik Peschken on MZ 1964.
Timo Rohrwick on his 1928 H-D mod. JD 1200cc.
Photographer Peter Sederholm spent many hours roadside in drizzle and rain to catch the riders in action. The first three riders are "the gang of three" from Tromsø. Not the luckiest navigators as they got lost a couple of times but always happy!
Andreas Hauck on 1942 Zündapp KS 750 with Franz Bräuer in the sidecar leads in front of André Schaarschmidt on 1942 BMW R75 with daughter Jessica in the tub. Jessica started the rally as a solo rider, but her BMW R35 broke down before Dombås. Third combo is Frank Gebler also on a 1942 BMW R75 with Felix Scramm in the wagon in front of Thomas Szymkowiak on 1944 Zündapp KS 750. Is the last rider Erik Wehner on 1940 Zündapp KS600?
Einar Inge Haugsnes is smiling. Being from Fosen this probably is a nice summer day to him!
Anders Löfqvist rode the oldest british bike, a 1927 BSA model S27 500cc SV.
The German "BMW/Zündapp squadron" has participated in Trondhjemsridtet several times. here they have arrived at Oppdal for coffee and apple-pie.
Norwegian and German riders in Oppdal before the long descent down to Sunndalsøra.
Gunne Hop on the oldest bike (1916 H-D) is interviewed by the press in Oppdal.
Carsten Hamann makes som adjustments to his 1948 Indian Chief. Carsten is a tough rider, he rode to Trondhjemsridtet from Perpignan (southern France)!
Lunch break at Sunndalsøra on Sunday. Trondhjemsridtet was heartily welcomed by the locals and allowed to park on the central square in front of the Town Hall and the Cultural Centre.
Cees Kieft gets some assistance with his 1938 Harley-Davidson 750cc at Sunndalsøra.
Peder Jensen rides along one of the many fjords on his 1931 BSA M20 500cc SV army-bike.
Durk Miedema on his 1939 Harley-Davidson 750cc.
The 1932 Morgan Aero cyclecar powered by an Matchless V-twin whisks Roald H. and Anne-Karin W. Pedersen along the fjords.
Ton van Es on the 1934 H-D VL 1200cc.
Edwin Keijzer on his 1947 H-D 1200cc OHV "knucklehead".
Timo, Heinrich and Ilse Rohrwick are discussing the roadbook at Batnfjordsøra.
Both civilian and military machines were lined up together, with military precision, at Batnfjorsøra.
Riders posing in front of "The Road to Nowhere" - the Storseisund bridge known from the James Bond movie "No Time to Die" (2021). The bridge is a part of the "Atlantic Road" connecting the towns of Molde an Kristiansund.
Roy Jönsson on his 1944 Indian Chief with Storseisund bridge in the background.
Jens Kristian Haaning Andersen pilots his 1943 Nimbus 750cc 4-cylinder OHC on the Atlantic Road. The ocean outside has particularly harsh weather and is a graveyard for ships.
Gerrit and Durk Miedema on their Harleys heading for Molde where dinner awaits at Seilet ("The Sail") hotel.
Rund Frøvik hansen has some weather protection behind the windscreen on this 1939 H-D model W 750cc SV.
Friedrich Knutsen on his 1942 Albin Monark military 500cc.
Photographer Peter Sederholm takes a well deserved rest inside the old school in Eresfjord.
Gerrit Miedema lets his 1926 H-D 1000cc IOE model J (battery ignition and electric lighting) loose on dry Valdres roads. Gerrit has fitted a 1928 model front drum brake to cope with modern traffic.
Torfinn Jæger on Kim Jarre's 1937 H-D model E 1000cc "knucklehead". The bike has done Trondhjemsridtet 5 times, twice by Kim (2012 and 2014), once by Torfinn's brother Per (2016), by Kim again in 2023 (test run for this years rally) and now by Torfinn.
Thomas Stang on his 1937 H-D model U 1200cc SV. He had some electrical problems. Kim Jarre sold him the bike 42 years ago so he took responsibility and offered Thomas a full refund of the 1982 purchase price against return of the bike! 😂 He refused though.
Paul Hotvedt on his 1931 H-D model D 750cc. The dynamo is vertically mounted visible in front of Pauls boot. This arrangement earned the model the nick-name "Three-cylinder Harley".
Klaus Kjeldgaard on his 1939 Nimbus model C 750cc OHC four, the eternal danish "Bumble-bee". A machine that appears to be indestructible!
Four sidecar combos riding south towards Gardermoen and the finish line.
Dag Martin Moen troubleshoots his 1941 H-D FL 1200cc "knucklehead".
We had to withhold the riders at the coffee-stop at Old Bikers Farm in Etnedal to give route-master Dag a head start in order to survey the route and mark any deviations if required.
From left Günter Brandt on 1944 and then Holger Christian on 1937 Nimbus 750cc "Bumblebees". To the right
The roar of all these running engines was quite enchanting! The riders are eager to advance south.
For lunch at Granavolden we had locally produced bratwurst with home made potato mash and steamed root vegetables "al dente". For dessert rhubarb cake and coffee. Very tasty!
The chef at Granavollen had to take a break and admire some of the oldest bikes. Like this Indian Powerplus 1920 1000cc, accompanied by the owner Ingar Einar Haugsnes. A great bike! Some tecnical troubles one the tour, but solved by the owner and our mecanical crew.
Løype 2024 GPX Google v2 50 pct TEKSTER - v1
Løype 2024 GPX Google v2 50 pct TEKSTER - v1


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