Rally Regulations



Per 15th June 2018

Trondhjemsridtet 1919 is historic based touring rally run on public and private roads and seeks to re-create Trondhjemsridtet as it was organized between 1919-1924, thus increasing the interest for the oldest motorcycles in our cultural history. The rally is a touring rally without any competitive elements, based on a road-book and maps. Speed or timing will not create base for any prizes awarded.

The rally is organized according to the rules issued by the international organization for historic vehicles FIVA for a FIVA National Event, and is open for all FIVA classes A through D - meaning that motorcycles manufactured through 1945 can participate. The event will probably be unsuitable for very old single speed motorcycles or with belt transmission. If the event is overbooked the participants with the oldest motorcycles will be given priority.

It’s the privilege of the organizers to decide who participates.

The event will be run over four days, to Trondheim and back. The rally will be run mainly on historic roads, many of them with gravel surface and of varying standard. Participants must be prepared for some difficult road and mountain crossings with low temperatures - and alternating weather.

It’s therefore assumed that both riders and motorcycles are able to complete the rally which must be regarded as relatively demanding - also physically.

Accommodation will be in good quality hotels and inns, the participant fee includes all meals and accommodation. The participant fee per person (rider or passenger) and what it covers is communicated in the invitations for each rally and shall be paid according to the information given there.

Participants are listed on the starting list according to the organizer's rules. To be accepted as a participant, the registration form and the payment of the starting fee must be with the organizer within the deadlines set.

Details of this are given in the invitation for each race.

The official start-list will be published on Trondhjemsridtet’s website
www.trondhjemsridtet.com and will contain information regarding the participants who are accepted and have paid the participant fee.
If for any reason participants cannot participate in the rally, the participant fee, minus an administration fee, may be refunded as specified for each event.

It’s not allowed to participate with a different motorcycle than the one described in the official start-list, unless it has been approved by the organizer in advance.

Normally Start end Finish is at the same place, the starting location and procedure will be published in the invitation for each rally.

The participant shall follow the route and schedule according to roadbook, and throughout the rally participants must respect Norwegian traffic rules and pay attention to participants, spectators and officials in a considerate manner.

If a participant suffers a breakdown, a stop or a traffic accident - or must assist in a traffic accident in accordance with Norwegian law - the organizer must be notified immediately.

Participants must keep themselves updated about information given from the organizer during the rally, such as by meetings or placard on any information board or info desk.

Compulsory control- or checkpoints, such as at specified places in the road-book shall be observed and the participant must register at these if required.

Failure to follow these safety and information instructions may result in exclusion from the rally.

The roadbook, maps, and other relevant information will be distributed electronically in advance via email or "dropbox" or equivalent. Participants must print these for their own use and bring them along the way.

The organizer will arrange for transportation of the participants' personal luggage. This should be packed in closed bag or suitcase/equivalent and be clearly marked. Weight limit is 10 kg. per person. Petrol and oil cans are not accepted due to fire hazard and risk of soiling of transported luggage.

A service car with trailer will be following the last participant. Ordinary tools will be available and it is assumed that the participants will repair their own vehicles. There will be some qualified advice available along the way.
The organizer will carry broken down motorcycles to the final destination of the day, i.e. the place of accommodation. From there, the participants are themselves principally responsible for transporting their motorcycles further on, or according to their own rescue insurance.

The clerk of the course is nominated for each rally and announced in the invitation or otherwise. The clerk of the course is the supreme leader of the event and has the responsibility and authority to implement the Regulations of the Event and its provisions, and decides any matter - including any problem not included in the Regulations, or in the case of disagreement regarding interpretation of the Regulations. The clerk of the course’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Participation requires that the participant accepts the following declaration, which is considered to be accepted by default by paying the participant fee:


  1. I have been read the Regulations of the Event for Trondheimsridtet and agree to be bound by them. 
  2. I declare that I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the rally, and that I am competent to do so. 
  3. I acknowledge that I understand the nature, type and potential risk of the rally, and accept that risk. I further declare that to my knowledge I have the level of competence needed as a rider for a rally of this type, that the entered vehicle is in good working order and suitable for such an event, and that it according to traffic laws and regulations are approved for use on public roads.
  4. I declare that the use of the vehicle entered is covered by 3rd party insurance as required by Norwegian Law, as well as insurance covering driver and passenger.
  5. I declare that I am in possession of a valid driving licence for the entered vehicle.
  6. I acknowledge that the event organizer has no responsibility for damage to or theft of or from participating vehicles – or can in any way be held responsible for damage or loss suffered during or in direct connection with the event.
  7. I agree that the organizer "Trondhjemsridtet 1919" stores and processes my personal information in accordance with. GDPR. This applies to name and address information, and that results and photographs, videos, etc. can be published in the media and on the club's websites.

Addendum per 14th of January 2019:

If the participant cannot/doesn’t wish to participate in the event 100% of the entry fee will be refunded if written notice is received by E-mail within the 1st March 2019 by E-mail. Trondhjemsridtet 1919 will refund the paid entry fee (in NOK) less any bank transfer fees. The refund is in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

Between 1st March and 1st May 2019 only 50% of the participant fee will be refunded if written notice is received by E-mail within the 1st of May 2019. Trondhjemsridtet 1919 will refund the paid entry fee (in NOK) less any bank transfer fees. The refund is in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

After 1st may 2019 no part of Entry Fees will be refunded

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